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Sandeep Sethi
Managing Director
Santosh Upadhyay
National Head - Commercial, Admin & CRE
Subroto Mukherjee
Head Administration & Facilities Management
Ms.Nellie Samuel
Joint Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director – Facilities Management Services
Vikram Shroff
Head, HR Laws (Employment & Labor)
Amol Shimpi
Associate Dean and Director- School of Real Estate
K. Ramachandran
Rajesh Sharma
Vice President
Vishal Mani
Country Head
Vishal Jain
Managing Director
Prashant Sule
Managing Director
Thyagaraj. A
Managing Director
Vivek Mata
Managing Director
Karan Thakkar
Founder & Managing Director
Thomas Raphel
Chairman & Chief Software Architect
Richard Lasrado
Head Facility Management
Ronald D. Harrison
Director -Technical Services
Mr Amarjot Joura
CEO & Founder Director
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