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Conference Agenda
29th November 2018
10:00 am
10:30 am
Opening Address: Sandeep Sethi
10:45 am
Keynote Address
11:30 am
Start of the conference agenda

  • Session 1: Panel Discussion | How is the gig economy driving transformation of corporate real estate?

    Companies today are struggling to manage the aspirations of a varied workforce ranging from Gen Xers to Millennials. This session aims to understand the challenges in planning and managing corporate real estate, since today CRE groups are expected to do much more than provide every worker with a desk and maintain the space. They must create the environment that fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation.

  • Session 2: Panel Discussion | What’s making India a hot-spot for co-working growth?

    What initially began as a platform for freelancers and start-ups is now firmly on the radar for large corporates. To cater to this demand, flexible space providers have started tailoring their offering to accommodate corporate users. While co-working operators in particular were originally known for fitting out heritage or quirky buildings, major operators are now leasing larger spaces, in some cases across contiguous floors, in Grade A office buildings. The session will explore the trends that are driving the co-working demand in the Indian market

  • Session 3: Speaker Session | Upskilling the facilities management staff – Need of the hour

    There is no denying the fact that upskilling has a direct positive effect on employee engagement and the retention of social capital, both of which improve productivity. And, for companies looking to outsource Facility Services in an integrated fashion, it is a key to work with a Facility Experience providers which make employee upskilling a key priority. This, in order to ensure that even though people are responsible for different service functions within the site, they all feel ownership of the overall delivery and are both motivated and empowered to help colleagues executing services in other functions, when needed. At the client site, this is needed to minimize disruptions, better service quality, higher flexibility and faster response time.

  • Session 4: Panel Discussion | The Future of Facilities Is Digital – Are we ready to embrace the change?

    Integrated technology and ecosystem will drive new levels of enterprise performance, and, CRE strategy will have to be aligned with this enterprise-wide digital transformation, as well. With these changes shaking up the way companies use their real estate, developing new strategies and capabilities is paramount for facilities management (FM) teams.

30th November 2018

  • Session 1: Panel Discussion + Demo Zone | Real estate 2020 – Proptech transforming the real estate life cycle

    Today’s real estate industry is more dynamic and exciting than ever before. Spurred on by our ever-changing digital landscape, a wave of startups and technology companies is bringing disruptive technologies to market. Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Machne Learning, AR/VR are just some of the Proptech technologies that are shaking up the industry. Are the developers, service providers and CREs ready for this tectonic shift? the environment that fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation.

  • Session 2: Panel Discussion | Smart Building technology shaping the future of Real Estate

    With the convergence of real estate and technology, emerging technologies are being applied to connect urban real estate, infrastructure and services. Buildings, today, need to provide more than the traditional lease – they need to help organizations attract the best talent, support business aims and energize and inspire their staff. The emergence of these smart buildings is fundamentally reshaping the way modern buildings are designed, built and operated.

  • Session 3: Speaker Session | Realigning workplace strategy for workplace wellbeing

    Importance placed on ‘workplace wellness’ has increased steadily over the past 20 years. And, wellness of a building’s occupants is becoming an increasingly necessary consideration for investors hoping to attract quality future tenants. The concept of Wellness is set to gain further traction over the next decade, and CREs need to lead the way through building specifications and workplace strategies that promote employee wellbeing.

  • Session 4: Panel Discussion | Office spaces or a community hotspot – What’s your workplace like?

    Building greater trust among external stakeholders and customers is a priority for organization today; and offices are increasingly becoming an epicenter for communities to share passions, experiences and ideas. It thus becomes imperative for workplace strategists to be able to meet community aspirations by seamlessly connecting people and creating comfortable spaces.